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- Training

“Feed a man with answers and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to be curious and you feed him for a lifetime.”

The Curious People Solutions

Talks & Workshops

These are one and two-day workshops (two-day workshops may be delivered on two separate days). These workshops aim to introduce the latest cutting-edge know how and tools to help employees perform optimally in their project teams or within workgroups

Business Designing



Jointly organised by the Singapore Business Federation Business Institute and The Curious People Solutions, this 2-day experiential workshop aims to introduce Business Design’s people-centered needs-driven approach to uncover opportunities in international markets that can help establish strategies to capture new customers.

This one-day workshop introduces the power of Design Thinking to look at “wicked” problems in people-centred needs-driven perspectives so as to conceptualise ingenious and meaningful solutions that work like magic

Creating Magic@Work with Design Thinking

Experience Design with Scenography

At The Curious People Solutions, we have adapted Scenography as a creativity tool within Design Thinking to provide a canvass on which to envision and conceptualise the ideal experience that will enliven all senses in order to create an emotionally engaging experience.

Design Thinking

for Education

This is a specially developed and facilitated year-round series of design thinking workshops for academia, management, staff and students from across Nanyang Technological University. These workshops aim to provide academia, management & staff with innovative ways to better engage the students and each other in order to augment the quality and standard of higher education. The Curious People Solutions Pte Ltd is recognised as the preferred Design Thinking partner of NTU.


Design Thinking

User Experience Workshop

This workshop equips participants with a strong grounding in experience creation  by uncovering unknown unmet needs of users.

Participants learn how to de-construct the dimensions that contribute to an user experience before co-creating in a multi-disciplinary team to produce emotionally engaging experiences!


Design Thinking Service Innovation

An uniquely customised program for all employees revolving around customer-centricity to improve an existing service or to create a new service from scratch.


Design Thinking 
Talent Innovation

Design Thinking is the ONLY innovation methodology that provides a means to focus on the employee’s personal experience at work. The result of Business Designing the Employee Experience is new solutions and tools that directly contribute to employee engagement, satisfaction, productivity, and retention. This will transform HR from a ‘process developer’ into an ‘experience architect’; and empower HR to reimagine every aspect of work. Designing the ideal employee experience ultimately allows you to create the desired employer branding, which empowers you to hire the right fit - to your organisation rather than the job.

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