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This 1-day workshop has helped our clients from the financial sector to focus on cultivating a customer-centric mindset and formulating a complete picture of the banking customer’s needs and behaviors to create service innovations.


This is a radical shift as financial institutions traditionally tend to develop products to meet their own internal processes and operational efficiencies.


As emerging fintech startups increasingly disrupt and challenge the traditional ways of banking,  Design Thinking is becoming the survival kit for banks to innovate in order to compete.

Service Design for Banking

Informal fun environment for creativity to come to live!– participant munching while creating ideas!
Co-creating a WOW customer experience across multi-disciplinary departments.
Selecting visuals and artifacts to ideate and prototype solution concepts.
The joy of sharing ideas arising out of one’s passions and life experiences.
Practising The Curious People Solutions'“Photo Interview” technique.
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