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“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”

Andy Warhol

More than 50 SMEs have participated and achieved significant lean outcomes,

     Catch us below on Channel News Asia’s inspiring 4-part business series called “Not Business As Usual” featuring a bold and innovative SME we have successfully helped increase their revenue by 400%

Not Business As Usual

Service Excellence

​​See how we apply our unique proprietary set of Design Thinking methodologies in business to achieve excellence in service.


See how our proprietary Empathy Toolkit is able to uncover complex B2B customer needs to compose a multi-layered journey map to serve them effectively.

B2B Engagement


Projects in...

Consultancy at The Curious People Solutions revolves passionately around Service Excellence, Brand Refinement, Business Process/Productivity Enhancement and Human Capital Development. That’s where we Do our Best Work


We are the only consultancy in Singapore with the certified expertise to practice, facilitate and teach Business Design Thinking to SME’s and government agencies on an educational and commercial level. We have collaborated with SPRING Singapore to develop a special Design Thinking program to raise the level of Service Excellence among local SMEs in Singapore.

The Curious People Solutions has worked with business leaders across industries using its highly accurate human-centered heuristics, ideation, and strategy tools to continuously grow the value of their business by adopting new ideas and seizing new opportunities.


Vision, Mission & Values Refinement and Alignment

We refine and align your organisation's vision, mission and values to uncover its competitive advantage and how it can be sustained.


Culture-Fit and Talent Innovation

​​See how we apply the principles of Design Thinking to help your organisation hire the right fit that would be aligned with company values.

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