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Helping our B2B Engineering client refine their Vision, Mission and Values to achieve strong alignment to internal and external customers


At The Curious People Solutions, we are proud to be a part of our client’s brand equity refinement exercise. Here is an extract of our consultancy for one of our B2B clients in the engineering sector – INKO Engineering.

A Vision statement says what the organization wishes to be like in the future and always. We help our client’s senior management at INKO Engineering draw up their powerful vision statement by closely aligning it with deep insights gathered from our Design Thinking Empathy study on all their stakeholders. This is all done in an effort to take the thinking beyond day-to-day activities in a clear, memorable, and inspiring way for both the external as well as internal customers.

The Mission, on the other hand describes what the organization pledges to do now perpetuating into the future. We helped our client INKO Engineering define its mission by the type of business it is in, the internal and external customers it caters to, what it must to do for them and how well it must do it.

Values describe the desired culture of a company. As Coca-Cola puts it, “they serve as a behavioral compass”.  By diving deeply into INKO Engineering’s entire stakeholders’ needs, we were able to enable our client to formulate their set of core values that provide a precise understanding of who they are as a group of people, basically telling how they should conduct themselves with each other, vendors and the customers; while carrying out their mission, so as to achieve their vision.


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