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Consultancy in Culture-fit & Talent Innovation



The secret to hiring is culture-fit


We would argue that culture-fit is the most important aspect of retaining great employees above everything else. But employee retention starts with first being able to clearly articulate what the organisational culture is.


Organisational culture comes about in two ways. It's either decisively defined, nurtured and protected from the inception of the organisation in the form of the company’s vision, mission and values; or more typically, it comes about haphazardly as the sum of the beliefs, experiences and behaviors of those in the organisation.


Because most companies typically forget about their vision, mission, and values, they typically list all the skills, experience and education required for a new position, thus leaving out important cultural and attribute factors that can determine a new hire’s long-term success within the company.

At The Curious People Solutions, we have developed an unique suite of HR tools called CULT that empowers organisations to achieve Culture Unity Leading to Transformation. CULT is developed based on a company's unique culture code to hire, develop and retain the right fit.

“If you don't put any conscientious effort into creating a company culture; then chances are, you will end up with a company filled with people driving their own interests rather than the company's.”

CULT has helped our clients identify their ideal employee’s natural attributes and behaviours, aligning them closely with their company’s vision, mission, and core values. It is the fastest way to develop and nurture corporate culture within the existing workforce; and is also the most guaranteed way to hire the right fit because it is based on what your company is all about – your vision, mission, and values.


All companies are comprised of teams, in order to develop any team to its fullest potential building them into an all-rounded A-team, we use CULT to enable recruiters to assess an interviewing candidate’s fit with the team attributes of the department that he/she is to be hired to join. It is then used to objectively compare among candidates interviewing for the same position for the best fit with the team.

CULT can do more than hiring, our clients have been using it with great success for smoother on boarding by developing meaningful training plans and career paths for talent innovation. CULT is also used as a culture alignment tool to guide a company's performance management strategies and processes, objectively aligning them to fulfil the company's vision, mission, and core values.

At the strategic level, CULT serves as the foundation of the entire human capital strategies and processes of an organisation ensuring culture unity leading transformation.

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