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Proprietary Toolkits

The Curious People Solutions prides itself on successfully synthesising the principles of Integrative Thinking and Business Design in our innovation, business excellence, service excellence, and culture transformation consulting.

Presented here are our proprietary toolkits for each phase of Design Thinking where participants can master and apply with success.

3-Ts Toolkit

Use photos or artifacts to “capture” good and bad experiences.

Elicit stories of those good and bad experiences captured in those photos or artifacts.

Clustering data points to uncover the unarticulated and unmet needs.

Wild-WOW Toolkit

Realising the need for a tool that enables anyone to have the creative confidence to come up with creative ideas, we have created our very own ideation canvas nicknamed the “Wild-WOW Ideator”.  It is based on the principles of Divergent Convergent Thinking and Roger Martin’s Integrative Thinking

Strategy Toolkits

Sure Win!

Determining if a solution will "surely win" is a daunting task. It requires two strategic tools that will easily allow you to prototype the required capabilities of your solution and determine their Quick Win potentials before costly actual implementation.

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