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Consultancy in Service Excellence


Achieving customer-centric service excellence across Singapore’s leading social enterprise F&B chain.


Service Excellence begins with Empathy using Design Thinking

This Service Excellence project applied The Curious People Solution propriety Empathy Toolkit to “deep dive” into customer needs when they dine in this local café chain. Mystery Diners who fit the café’s customer profile are tasked to take 5 photos of their good and bad dining experience at the café. They shared their points-of-view based on each photos they have taken. This empathy exercise uncovers the customers’ unknown unmet needs and pain points in the most visual and emotional way.

“Deep dive” into customer experience at the local café through photos taken by the customers.

Management “walking” the customer experience journey to understand their needs and pain points.

Work Process Redesign to Deliver Ideal Customer Experience

​​Management and employees gain a good understanding of their customer experience in the customer journey map and are able to break down silos to co-create work processes and SOPs to deliver customer experience at the different touch points. Productivity is also achieved where inefficient policies and  processes that do not add onto the customer experiences are “killed”.

Customer Experience Journey

A customer experience  tells the “flow” of the customer’s experience: from initial contact, through the process of engagement perpetuating a long-term relationship. It documents crucial interactions of the customer with the company hence uncovering the customer’s emotions and moments of truth. At The Curious People Solutions, the customer experience journey is created by actual customers through the photos they took while documenting their experiences of the company in the Empathy Study. In the age of customer, empowered customers choose the touch points as they please, which may often be different from what the company has designed it to be.  With this principle, we apply a breakthrough approach of “clustering” the photos taken by customers to pinpoint key touch points. The end result is a visual image-driven customer experience journey map that encapsulates the customers’ perceptions of their experience, relating to their emotional engagement.

A customer experience journey that is created by the customers based on what they see and feel as opposed to one created by management alone.

Competency Development to Deliver the Ideal Customer Experience

Employees develop competency to improve and deliver customer experience by ideating and co-creating solutions to deal with customer’s bad experiences captured on photos. This proved to be the best bottom-up approach of collating ideas from front-liners who have the most contact with the customers.

Establishing the Customer "Cycle of Needs"

for Customer Retention

Beyond delivering customer experience, the cycle of needs is created to promote customer retention. Customer retention occurs through understanding the customer cycle of needs; constantly and consistently satisfying those key needs to ensure repeat business. The customers stay in the cycle till they become our ardent fans, shouting out to  their network of family and friends.

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