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PSB Singapore

Professional Singapore Certified Management Consultant

The Curious People Solutions is proud to announce the certification of its founding partners Ken Kwan & Alfred Tan by TUV SUD PSB as Professional Singapore Certified Management Consultants, in recognition of their expertise in:

Service Excellence,

Human Capital Development and the

Enhancement of Business Processes for Productivity

​​Enterprise Singapore understands the importance of management consultancy, and has adopted a holistic approach in accordance with the Technical Reference for Management Consultants (TR 43:2015), which sets out the minimum acceptable professional standards and practices for Management Consultants. The TUV SUD PSB Singapore Certified Management Consultant (SCMC) certification aims to encourage consultants to maintain quality and customer satisfaction of their consultancy services, as well as to uphold the ethics and professional code of conduct. This certification is required by the Singapore government for consultants to be involved in government supported projects.

With effect from 1 January 2017, SMEs seeking ICV-Consultancy or EDG support for consultancy-related costs under their capability upgrading projects will have to engage management consultants who possess Enterprise Singapore-recognised certification. Management consultants who wish to serve SMEs in their ICV-Consultancy or EDG-supported upgrading projects must be certified in this area.

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