Having been specially trained and certified by Rotman, the University of Toronto’s prestigious graduate business school on the Business Design Thinking methodology, we are the only consultancy in Singapore with the certified expertise to practice, facilitate and teach Business Design Thinking to SME’s and government agencies on an educational and commercial level. Rotman has developed a curriculum built around Roger Martin's famous concepts on Integrative Thinking and Business Design. They are considered as one of the most influential management thinkers in the world

Developed and popularized by Roger Martin, Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the Rotman School of Management; Business Design® is a way of thinking and working that applies human-centred design thinking principles to improving or transforming business activities with a focus on strategic action. It enables organisations to  uncover the unarticulated unmet needs of customers and employees. When organisations focus on meeting those needs, they are able to rid themselves of unnecessary processes to produce or deliver products & services that the customers truly want.


​Catch us below on Channel News Asia’s inspiring 4-part business series called “Not Business As Usual” featuring our bold and innovative SME client we have successfully helped venture overseas and increase their revenue by 400%

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