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“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths…”

Walt Disney

There is no doubt that innovation is the most powerful way to drive business growth in today’s constantly changing economic environment. This makes it critical to find new ways to innovate. But what really is innovation and how do we innovate?


For something to be called an Innovation, it has to be relevant to both users - the consumer and the business (service provider). To do that, we need to embrace Business Design Thinking.


The Curious People Solutions adopts a cyclical, iterative approach that embeds Business Design Thinking in every aspect of our consultancy and training services. This empowers you to:

Identify and seize opportunities in the external environment by being curious about everything.

Co-creating strategies with your users to implement solutions for quick-wins and greater buy-ins.

Explore ideas divergently using methods such as visual triggering and experiential associations.  Then crystalise those ideas convergently into solution concepts.

Most innovation proponents reveal the process of how to cultivate an “innovative culture” in the organisation; however, the real issue is always missed; which is, where does innovation begin? Innovation begins with People – you and me. Curiosity about people in all of its aspects, we believe, is the secret of sustainable innovations. This curiosity results in the unexpected connections among peoples’ behaviours, needs, and emotions.


We help you understand and master what you need to do to gain valuable insights that can develop your own ideas that will give birth to truly sustainable revenue-producing innovations. We do that by adopting a synergistic approach in research, combining traditional quantitative methods with the exploratory qualitative methods of Design Thinking in your innovation journey.


The Curious People Solutions prides itself in the two most foundational aspects of business – the Genuine Curiosity of the User and the Believe in every User's Power to Create.  This can be witnessed by the Founders’ beliefs:

"The creation of innovative products & services lies in our ability to uncover what the customer wants - and delivering it exceptionally before they even know it themselves."

Alfred Tan

"The power to enrich our lives lies in our ability to design our thinking; it is an artful balance between being analytical and creative."

Ken Kwan

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