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In this 1-day workshop, HR practitioners are introduced to the application of the Design Thinking Methodology in recruitment, onboarding and employee development.


One of the key takeaways of this workshop is the benefit of our proprietary Empathy toolkit in "deep diving" into employees’ unmet unknown needs to create an engaging experience for the emerging multi-generational workforce.


Participants of this workshop came from diverse industries including The Changi Airport Group, BNP Paribas, AXA Insurance Singapore, Daimler Singapore, Immigration & Checkpoint Authority, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Home Affairs, National Environment Agency, People’s Association, Public Service Division and Singapore Civil Deference Force.

Understanding the emotions at each touch point of the Employee Experience Journey Map.
Shopping for artifacts to “trigger” personal stories sharing.
The colourful, fun, and inspiring Curious People Solutions Artifacts.
Creating an Employee Experience Journey Map.
Enveloping Empathy by visualising employees’ needs & pain points through their photos and stories

Design Thinking for Talent Innovation

Practising the technique of Photo Interviewing amongst participants.
Capturing employees’ needs & pain points through photos and relating them to their emotions
Build-up of negative emotions in an employee’s experience journey identifies the breaking points
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