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A recurring 1-day workshop on innovating learning for NTU academia and NIE teaching staff. The workshop introduces participants to Design Thinking’s photo journaling tool to engage and connect with a new generation of students in an image-driven world for academic excellence.

Design Thinking for Academia
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This is an ongoing 1-Day Design Thinking workshop for NTU undergraduates and postgraduates that inculcates empathy before solutioning. The participants learn a practical empathy toolkit that allows them “deep dive” into people’s needs before ideating and co-creating impactful and meaningful solutions. This workshop helps students to embrace Design Thinking as a transferable life skill.

Visualising each other’s ideas through colourful images and artifacts
Co-creating a solution concept by connecting ideas
A creative colourful environment for ideas experimentation
Curious Artifacts
Applying the ideation toolkit to come up with ideas based on one’s life experiences and passions.
 Artifacts shopping for persona-based self-introduction
Co-creating among undergraduates and postgraduates from different disciplines of study
Bringing ideas Alive through images

Design Thinking for 
Undergraduates and Postgraduates

Creating Magic at Work” is the highest subscribed 1-day workshop on creative

problem-solving at NTU and NIE for management & staff.  The workshop shifts the participants’ mindset to focus on people’s unmet needs underlying any problem. This positive mindset promotes people-centric solutioning.

The Curious Artifacts
Creating ideas using visual triggers
Reflections and takeaways
Co-creating solutions
Happy awesome participants with trainers
Artifacts interviews triggering insights

Design Thinking for Management & Staff

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