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“Grow Your Business with Design Thinking”

A people-centred needs-driven approach

Jointly organised by the Singapore Business Federation Business Institute and The Curious People Solutions, this 2-day experiential workshop aims to introduce Design Thinking’s people-centered needs-driven approaches to uncover opportunities in new markets that can help establish strategies to capture new customers. Design Thinking is a critical skill of the future especially where we become more and more digitalised. Applying Design Thinking’s user-centered approaches to uncover opportunities in new markets can help establish strategies for sustainable business growth. Design Thinking can provide businesses with an idea of what “real” market needs and how to meet those needs. It allows the formulation of business strategies amongst a multi-disciplinary team based on “deep” actionable insights rather than assumptions and gut feelings. This minimizes the risks of innovation and at the same time promotes a customer-centric culture which is essential for continuous improvement and growth.

Trained by 2 Trainers/Consultants

This experiential workshop is led by two consultant/trainers who are specially trained and certified by Rotman, the University of Toronto’s prestigious business management school; to practice, facilitate and teach Roger Martin’s famous concept on Business Design Thinking to SMEs and government agencies on a commercial and educational level. Because of that, we are able to share the most relevant examples of our Design Thinking applications by businesses from across industries in Singapore.

Course Journey

Design Thinking is an innovation process that focuses on uncovering and meeting unarticulated unmet needs in order to find solutions to all kinds of business challenges in an innovative way. You will be able to build creative confidence through the principles and methodologies of Design Thinking. The workshop comprises a balanced blend of interactive lectures, group work, individual practice, class discussion and out-of-class applications.

Day 1

Introducing The Concept of Design Thinking

- What is Design Thinking ?
- Why is Design Thinking relevant in today's businesses ?
- Sharing of Client-Project Case Study and exemplary


Be Curious of Everything - The 3Ts

- What is Photo-Journaling ?
- Ways to capture Customer Experiences 

Planning the Photo-Journaling

- What variation to use ?
- Establishing the exploratory statement

Uncovering the Unarticulated Unmet Need

- The definition of Unarticulated Unmet Need
- How to uncover the unmet need ?

Day 2


Recap of lessons and examples learnt in Day 1 

- How can you apply Empathy at work ?

Creating "Wild to WOW" ideas To Meet Unmet Needs

- Learn Divergent Principles to convert Wild ideas into

  WOW ideas

Co-creating the Solution Concept

- Synergising WOW ideas into a breakthrough solution


Prototyping Resources and Capabilities

- Identifying resources and Capabilities to guarantee


Identifying Quick Wins

- Identifying high impact low resource ideas for quick wins

Presenting and Critiquing The Concept

- Co-creating with the user for iteration and improvement

21 & 28 Feb 2020

9am to 5pm

SBF Center

160 Robinson Road, #06-01

Fee includes course handouts, lunch and refreshments:

$878 (SBF Member) / $998 (Non-Member)


Certificate of Attendance will be awarded upon completion of the workshop.


For more information, please contact Josephine Lin at 6701 1131 or email

Established by the SBF, SBF Business Institute (SBI) aims to help SBF members and the wider business community build capabilities and achieve inclusive and quality-driven growth as Singapore restructures. SBI leverages on professional practitioners, certified trainers and successful Business Mentors to help companies address pertinent business challenges by providing training services tailored to upgrading capabilities and up-skilling the workforce.

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